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Calming Circles 2
free rating
Pengsquare UG
Calming Circles 2 helps you practice mindfulness right at your desktop...
intuitive calming routines combine active...mindfulness. All routines come
Eudora to SpamCop
free rating The Apotek
Eudora to Spamcop will quickly report spam to SpamCop from within Eudora...
tightened up its parsing routines
Component X Graphics
rating Hutchings Software
Component X Graphics is a plugin for REALbasic that provides powerful, cross-platform, pixel...
scalable graphics routines that extend REALbasic...RGB of pictures, routines for compositing
XML Library (Standard)
rating Sons of Thunder Software
The XML Library provides an all-Transcript plugin for Revolution developers. Allows manipulation of multiple...
you can modify the routines to suit your preference
HTTP Server Deux
rating Deep Sky Technologies
HTTP Server Deux gives 4D developers all of the parsing, formatting, and utility routines needed, smoothly integrated...
and utility routines needed, smoothly integrated...response generation routines
free rating Kallisys
NSOF To XML Converter exhibits the Desktop Connection Library's data manipulation routines and lets one convert...
Connection Library's data manipulation routines and lets one convert
Dynamic Library 2D Barcode Datamatrix
rating Pro Barcode
Mac Dynamic Library creates the 2D Barcode Datamatrix ECC 200. Small footprint...
Objective-C. Control-internal bitpattern routines are accessible
Brightness Curve Adjust
rating cf/x
Brightness curve adjust is an iMovie plug-in that lets you exert photoshop...
set and parametric calculation routines (plus
GLUON TableMaker
rating Gluon
TableMaker is perhaps the easiest way to create professional tables in QuarkXPress...
fit box to tablePowerful routines
Rasche's Sheepshead/Schafkopf 4
rating Rasche-Software
This is a German/American card game. You'll play against animated competitors in a 3D playing environment...
effects, special new playing routines have been developed
ActionItems Lite
rating Sailalong Software
ActionItems Lite is a sophisticated, software-based note-taking solution...
search tool creates search routines that can
CHV Time-collection
rating chv-electronics
The Time-collection V4.1 contains of a set of new plugins for Final Cut Pro and a set of completely keyframeable plugins...
adding its own keyframe-routines. This enables Final Cut