ActionItems Lite

ActionItems Lite 2.5

Sophisticated, software-based note-taking solution.
2.5 (See all)
Sailalong Software

ActionItems Lite is a sophisticated, software-based note-taking solution. It all starts in the 'Journal', where you can record meeting notes, ideas, phone messages, and grocery lists, as well as attach external documents and graphics files. ActionItems Lite supports a full range of file formats including EPS, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, and MP3. 'Upcoming' displays all items that have been assigned a due date. Sort items by due date or priority code. Dynamically adjust the time frame for which your 'Upcoming' area displays items: via click box or by selecting a static date on the pop-up calendar. Finally, check items off as they become complete. The intuitive search tool creates search routines that can be named and saved for repetitive use.

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