Non-volume Sliders

Prosoft Engineering, Inc.
SoundBunny is a helpful Mac application that provides you with a quick and easy way to adjust the noise volume...
...don't require sound volume adjusting. The one ...immediately applies any sound volume changes, and comes...
Volume for iTunes
Yagnesh K Patel
Volume for iTunes enables you to control your iTunes volume via the system volume. If you're like me and play...
...little volume adjusters. *Note: to adjust system volume while Volume for...
Volume Reset
Avery deGruchy
I often forget to decrease the system volume when shutting down my Mac...
...chair. Programs like Volume Reset were developed to ...or increase the system volume: when shutting down...
Stellar Volume Repair
Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Stellar Volume Repair allows you to repair corrupted volume information on Mac...
...to repair corrupted volume information on Mac ...wide range of OS X Volume errors. - Rebuilds a damaged...
Volume Scroll
This application lets you use your scroll over the menu bar and change the volume...
...bar and change the volume. You can control your ...main volume by hovering with your...
Xmart Volume
Cross-Discipline - Technology
Xmart Volume is a program that utilizes the built-in microphone of your Mac or iSight to perform...
...iSight to perform automatic volume control for you ...down your headphone volume when it detects...
iTunes Volume Control
Andrea Alberti
iTunes Volume Control is an open source app that allows you to control the iTunes volume using volume up and volume...
...the iTunes volume using volume up and volume down hotkey ...the same iTunes volume by means of...
Media Volume Pro
Media Studio
Media Volume Pro is a software program designed to adjust the volume of audio or video files...
...to adjust the volume of audio or ...works as a volume amplifier, volume normalizer, and audio...
Volume Slider
Volume Slider is a simple Mac OS X application which allows you to control your computer's volume using a slider on a small...
...screen. Volume Slider has two components including (1) a small volume slider with a mute...
LogicalVue Software, Inc.
Sliders is a simple and fun number puzzle game. This game is like just when you...
Sliders is a simple and fun...
SFX Machine RT
The Sound Guy, Inc.
SFX Machine RT supports VST and Audio Unit formats and provides full MIDI parameter control...
...each of the non-volume sliders, making it easy to...
Volume Calculator
Tamas Rares
Volume Calculator enables you to determine the volume of multiple geometric shapes quickly. This calculator...
...you to determine the volume of multiple geometric shape ...formula to calculate its volume in order to...
A fun little animated timer that sits on your desktop & makes noises when time runs out. *** Requires OS X 10.7 (Lion)...
...times -or- drag sliders to set Timer • ...(like an album)  • Volume sliders for Tick & Alarm Sounds...
Volume Controller Plus
Music Paradise
Volume Controller Plus is an advanced volume adjustment widget for your Mac or iMac. With this application...
...is an advanced volume adjustment widget for your ...or plugged-in general volume and balance to get...
Amplifikation One (Mac)
Kuassa Amplifikation One is a guitar amp modelling software which finally help you to create realistic guitar tones and build...
...Quad Impulse Response Loader volume sliders automatically turns off when...

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