Compact Grid

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for making...
...apps. Use Fluid Grid Layout designed for cro ...out more about Fluid Grid Layout, enhanced jQuery...
Window Tidy
Light Pillar Software Ltd
Window Tidy lets you take control of all your applications. How many times have you had to keep switching...
...each with it's own grid size. Quick Layout If ...to the list Independent grid size for each layout...
Photo Collage Maker - CollageFactory Free
Photo Collage Maker - CollageFactory is a free yet powerful photo/picture collage creator, It offers many collage...
...classic collage, grid collage and free ...Free Style Collage - Grid Collage - Classic Collage...
Screen Snake
Screen Snake is a customizable game of Snake that uses whatever's on the screen as its backdrop. It keeps a high score...
...screen is subdivided into a grid, which can be made...
Armagetron Advanced
Armagetron Advanced Team
Armagetron Advanced is a Tron light cycle game clone with 3D graphics and multiplayer...
...uses an extremely dense grid that requires intricate maneuvers...
Hex-Ray Studios
Hexels is a program designed for Mac users who wish to create stunning artwork by using geometrical...
...canvas size, geometrical shape, grid width, textures, etc. Hexels...
Pierre Chatelier
MozoDojo is a graphics editing tool that allows you to create photo mosaics. A photo mosaic is basically...
...size of the grid that you ...the smaller the grid size), the more ...used the default grid size on my...
Boris A. Glazer
Mazaika is an extremely fast photo mosaic application that produces a composite image from hundreds of smaller images...
Mazaika is an extremely fast photo mosaic application that produces a composite image from hundreds...
Bluetail is a beautifully designed, easy-to-use vector drawing application to help you...
...millimeters, centimeters Snap to grid - align and distribute objects...
Sudoku Epic
Kristanix Games
Sudoku Epic is a lovely sudoku game. The goal of the game is to complete the grid...
...is to complete the grid with numbers in a way ...that were on the grid when you started the...
iSkysoft DVD-Library
iSkysoft Studio
iSkysoft DVD-Library is a DVD cataloging tool for the Mac. It allows you to create a catalog...
...your movies or in grid view, which shows a snapshot...
Gaurav Agarwal
TurboCollage (was Collage Creator) gives you the power to create stunning picture collages. Setup a collage...
...arrange pictures in a regular grid, or create a random picture...
Elevenworks LLC
TouchDraw is a vector drawing application for the Mac. Just as with our iPad version...
...drawings * Grid & Rulers - Unit aware grid support with ...optional snap to grid support. - Visual...
Mine Searcher
Thomas Sunde Nielsen
Mine Searcher is a very nice minesweeper clone for the Mac. This is a classic game that came...
...big you want the grid to be and how...
PerspectiveGrid - Andrew's Vector Plugins 6
Abneil Software
The perspective plugin set from graphicxtras consists of a perspective plugin...
...1pt and 2pt perspective grids for 3D/perspective ...etc to the grid have been included. The...
Photorealistic Connect 4
Curtis Yallop
Photorealistic Connect 4 is a network-playable version of Connect 4 written in Tcl/Tk...
...it falls into a 7x6 grid. You take turns dropping ...tokens into the grid and the first player...
Slaves to the Many
Chaos Games
Slaves of the Many is a single-player fantasy game. You can control a grid which represents...
...You can control a grid which represents different state ...states on the grid. Defend yourself against...
Flip Run
Victor Olofsson
Flip Run: Second Wave is a casual arcade game for Mac OS. You are a pixel cube...
...pixel cube running in a grid tunnel, as the game ...the obstacles. The grid background is flashing all...
Graphulator for Desktop
Missing Socks Company
Graphulator for Desktop is a numerical graphing calculator for 2 or 3 variable equations...
...non-functions 1/15 the grid scale. The user ...accuracy or change the grid scale including adjusting...
Position Fixed UG
Quickly record and play automated tests against all major desktop and mobile...
...against the integrated Selenium Grid. Everything runs on premise...