PerspectiveGrid - Andrew's Vector Plugins 6

Plug-in to create grid / perspective alignment in Illustrator
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The perspective plugin set from graphicxtras consists of a perspective plugin (combining one and two point perspective into a single plugin for this version) + bonus symbols and additional material for Illustrator
Use to create 1pt and 2pt perspective grids for 3D/perspective effects.
Plugin is now for Illustrator (R) CS4 CS3 CS2 as well as CS1 and 10
The plugin grids can be manipulated in different creative ways via numerical settings and dropdown/preset options. The grids can be used in template/guideline mode or as paths. The grid can be colored in 100s of different ways to create stunning designs. Many features to add curvature, randomization, etc to the grid have been included. The plugin also has a pattern mode for pattern / tiles based on the grid
Quick and simple way of creating many 3D effects in Illustrator. Great for zoom effects.
Part of the Andrew's Vector Plugin series of plugins and brushes and swatches and styles for Illustrator
A demo can be found on the site. The demo has no OK button and cannot be used to save path changes
Plugin set can be purchased on, as a download only
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Updated to work in Illustrator (R) CS4



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