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rating Xe-Media
Features: - Xe-MusicXL MP3 (Standalone Software) - EXE - NET - C#...
3 - Adobe AIR 2.0 - Adobe Flex 3 source code
Baby Banger
free rating Paul Suh
Baby Banger fills the screen with a large white window where randoms sounds and shapes are displayed for young...
shapes being displayed. The source code is included
free rating Calum Robinson
Particle is a screen saver that displays streams of particles circling in space...
glasses for stereoscopic viewing. Source code is included
fork ShadowIRC Plugins
free rating Fork Networking
fork is a collection of plugins I've created for ShadowIRC...
a DCC Progress bar. The source code for all plugins
Multiple Picture Viewer
free rating Monkeybread Software
In a newsgroup someone asked for a simple picture viewer (for Mac OS 9)...
to a new picture file. Source code also available. What's
Romulan Hunt Cmd
free rating Nitewing '98
The command line only version of Romulan Hunt. Playable in Terminal (or X11)...
Includes executable (PPC only), source code, and man page
4D To MySql
rating CD-SOFT
This is a 4th Dimension Component (and a small plugin) that enables developer to connect...
Server. Distribute with full-source code
free rating Fork Networking
Drag & drop creation of application bundles.The preferences can be used to decide which components to include in the bundle...
an Application Bundle heirarchy. Source code
PlanBoard for Omnis Studio
rating MasterObjects
MasterObjects PlanBoard is a reusable component for Omnis developers...
Developers receive the Omnis source code allowing
Gift Management Database
free rating Softech di Germinara Francesco
Complete project build with Cocoa and Xcode that use ODBC drivers for interfacing the MySql database...
This package includes all source code needed to build a complete
free rating Igence
Bdif is a Mac OS X utility that provides a way to compare two CVS modules based on dates or tags/revisions...
a button, as well as source code differences inside Apple's FileMerge
free rating zonble
If you need to create an NSColor object in your Objective-C project, you can use this small utility to help...
help you generate the source code with NSColor class
free rating Robin Enhorn
Do you keep choosing easy to guess passwords because of laziness? Then PassForRandom...
more! Regular jar file & source code
free rating Capaho International
SafEEditor 1.0 is a barebones plain text editor for editing Perl and other CGI scripts. SafEEditor was originally developed...
in scripts or other source code. In addition to Unix
MkLinux Floppy Driver
rating The MkLinux Project
This BETA driver provides support for the built-in floppy drive on PowerMac G3...
project web site. Source code...project web site. Source code
free rating Softech di Germinara Francesco
This is a simple software utility to start use the I/O Ethernet Card HD1100. User can read the 16 inputs and set the 16...
applications and the complete source code written with Apple Cocoa
free rating MOApp Software Manufactory
I'd love to sit in front of my very old 12" PowerBook with Tiger for surfing...
beloved weblog editor with source code editing and syntax coloring
free rating Martin Louis Software
BouncePad is a Quake 3 Arena launcher. You can create a map list and bot roster then launch Quake3...
file for further instructions. Source code
free rating Bart Trzynadlowski
Supermodel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform, allowing you to play...
and Mac OS X. The source code