Color Conversion

SA Color Finesse 3 UI
Synthetic Aperture
Color Finesse gives you the high-end color correction and enhancement tools you need as a plug...
latitude. Automatic color matching and black...Six channel secondary color correction
Persistent Color Picker
Fingertips B.V.
Persistent Color Picker gives the default OS X Color Picker its own window...
the default OS X Color Picker...screen. Easily create color palettes
Color Correct Utility
free rating
OKI Systems Ltd.
Color Correct Utility allows you to fine tune the printer’s color settings...
tune the printer’s color settings...Change the pallet color. Adjust the gamma
Color Wheel
Roman Sevastyanov
Color Whee‪l‬ provides all types of color wheels in one application. Besides common color wheels...
application. Besides common color wheels ...also includes professional color palettes for digital
NIR Color
JixiPix Software
Convert a Photo into a Magical and Surreal Infrared Scene Photography...
light. NIR COLOR STYLES • NIR Color • Extreme...Works best on colorful landscape images
Spot Color
Giant Comet, LLC
Spot Color is a simple application that allows you to use the standard Mac OS X color picker as a stand...
utilize the system wide color picker plugins...swatches. Spot Color
Color Machine
Manderim GmbH
Color Machine allows you to display and convert the most important color systems using...
Color Machine...convert the most important color systems using
Color Filters For Photos
Quentin Apps
Color Filters For Photos is an image enhancing tool for your Mac. It adds an extension...
Color Filters For Photos...color filters and a brush to create color splashes: you can color
VectorPro Color
Ramen Shoppe
VectorPro Color builds on the successful VectorPro automatic tracing platform and adds in basic grayscale...
grayscale and color vector tracing. VectorPro Color...grayscale and even color vector images
Color Palette Importer
This application will import color swatches created for use in Adobe applications in palette...
application which uses Color Panel. Just...Apple Color List format (.clr) ? Edit color names. ? Color
Relax Color
free rating
Line Newermann
Relax Color generates a collage of flowers, leaves, butterflies, and insects that you can click...
a set of standard colors...image combinations and colors, making
Color Flood
free rating
Farid Ahmad
Color Flood is an arcade 2D logic game for Mac computers...
Color...changes to the same color. With each...it in the same color will change
Course for Final Cut Pro X 205 - Color Grading
NonLinear Educating Inc.
Join Final Cut Pro X expert and Master Colorist Ben Balser in this one-of-a...
The Colorist's Environment 4. Understanding Color 5. Color Controls 6. Correction Process 7
Color Cloud
Color Cloud™ is a unique application that “floats” like...
Features: - Standard Color Skintones - Studio &...Warm Preference - Switchable Color, B&W
fade to any color
free rating cf/x
Any color fades is a set of three iMovie plug-ins (fade to any color, fade from any any color...
any color, fade from any any color, and any color...to any color, start at any color
Emphasise Color
rating cf/x
This advanced iMovie plug-in is a more specialized version of our general-purpose plug-in, "emphasis"...
accent a certain color (or color range)...) - three additional color processors - improved
Calendar Conversion
free rating Panda Systems
Calendar Conversion is a MacOS application designed to calculate dates past...
Calendar Conversion is a MacOS application designed
Daves Color Wheels
free rating MillerWorld
Daves Color Wheels is a puzzle in which you have to turn wheels to make...
to the Finish. Whatever color you choose to put...Start Position is the color that has to continue