4WS.Platform 5.0

Develop web and mobile applications without any coding task.
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This RAD platform allows to quickly develop web and mobile applications without any coding task. Applications can be developed by simply configuring them through a graphical environment. There is no limit in the complexity of the applications to create, since there is always the chance to include custom scripts made by a developer. The platform supports multiple databases and operating systems, since it has been developed using Java and it provides a rich user interface based on Sencha ExtJS.
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Community Edition Fixed variables use in js server side Fixed problem when typing no alphanumeric characters as folder/menu item names in the 'menu items' functionality Fixed problem when creating a new user in the user detail window: now the user parameters list will be cleaned up Aligned behavior of menu folders/items management for each COMPANY_ID Fixed validation filter on lookup control Fixed JSON based request bodies containing acc...



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