4Media DVD Copy

4Media DVD Copy 3.0

4Media DVD Copy is a DVD duplication tool for the Mac.

4Media DVD Copy is a DVD duplication tool for the Mac. It is an application that allows you to create copies of your DVD movies. There are two ways of copying.
The first mode, called "Full Disc Mode", lets you create a perfect copy of the movie, by copying everything on the disk. It is also called a 1:1 copy. This mode simply duplicates your DVD movie. It should be the fastest mode, since all the app does is copy the movie from your DVD drive to the hard drive and then it burns it.

The "Main Movie Mode" copies only the main movie. As you may know, DVD movies are made up of titles, and some of them contain trailers, different angles, extra content, etc. This mode automatically selects the main DVD title and copies that. I think it does this by selecting the biggest DVD title. You shouldn't use this mode if you want to copy a DVD with different episodes of a TV show, for example.

I am not sure if this app can copy encrypted DVDs (authentic DVDs, not copies), but the trial version should let you test that.

All in all, 4Media DVD Copy seems to work fine. I didn't test the burner, but copying the movie was done quickly and without problems. The interface could be better, though.

José Fernández
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  • It seems to work well
  • Two modes


  • The interface looks bad
  • Too expensive
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