2048 5x5

2048 5x5

2048 5x5 is an entertaining puzzle game developed for Mac.

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This app is a variation of the well-known 2048 game, a popular puzzle type where your goal is to merge tiles. 2048 5x5 provides you with a simple and nicely-designed interface, uses minimum CPU resources while you're playing, and features an integrated help guide.

Your objective is to combine similar numbered tiles on the board by using your arrow keys. Once they collide, they merge into a single tile showing the sum of the two joined numbers.

The application also keeps track of your highest score and provides you with options to maximize or minimize the main screen. But the best thing about this app is that the game lasts longer than the usual 2048 game that only has a 4x4 grid.

The one aspect I don't like about this puzzle game is the fact that it displays Google ads on the bottom of the main screen. The only way to hide them from the app's interface is to disable your Internet connection.

2048 5x5 doesn't bring you anything special to the table as it looks very similar to other apps of its kind, except the 5x5 grid. However, the application is free of charge and you have nothing to lose by trying it on your Mac.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple and nicely-designed interface
  • Offers you gameplay instructions
  • Keeps track of your highest score
  • Free


  • Displays annoying ads
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