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Create, edit, and print text documents on your Mac.
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1Doc is a word processor that comes as an alternative to using Mac's TextEdit application for creating and editing text documents. The program features a nicely-designed interface, provides you with multiple fonts and table settings, brings you a built-in search tool, and so much more.

This utility might prove to be of good if you need to write an article in a distraction-free environment and get access to various text style settings. It lets you choose between multiple font styles, allows you to include tables in your document, annotate phrases from your text files, etc. The app also comes with a search tool that helps you find and replace certain words or phrases from your document.

Another advantage is that it brings you a word counter that displays its data (number of characters, words, and pages) on the bottom side of the interface. The information can be hidden if needed from the main menu of the application.

However, the program comes with several limitations which can be unlocked after making an in-app purchase. After making the payment, you will be able to print your text documents from the app's interface, export your files to more output formats, include images into your documents, etc.

In my opinion, it isn't worth getting this program for your Mac. You can easily find cheaper or even free alternatives that provide you with more features.

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  • Comes with a built-in search tool
  • Allows you to include tables and notes in your text document
  • Provides you with multiple font and page arrangement settings


  • You need to pay in order to get rid of some restrictions
  • Supports a limited amount of formats
  • You can find cheaper solutions


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