1112 episode 01

1112 episode 01

1112 episode 01 is the first episode of this adventure game.

1112 episode 01 is the first episode of this adventure game. It introduces the main characters of the game: Louis and his wife. The game starts with a nightmare that Louis has in which he falls from the sky into a crowd. When he wakes up, he has a headache and he needs his medication to feel better. Your first task is to find it the medication in his apartment and start figuring out the reason behind the headaches and the weird dreams. You can use your mouse button to click on different objects and interact with them. Many different options are also available when you click on people. You can talk to them, admire them and even kiss some people, but not all the actions are available all the time. For example, when you try to kiss your wife, Louis will tell you it is better if you don't do it, because he has a case of bad breath. I thought that one was pretty funny and there is a lot of humor involved in the game. I won't spoil how you finally manage to get your medications, but it involves a lot of clicking around. The answer to this puzzle is very unlikely, which is something that frustrates me a lot with this kind of games.

The graphics of the game are good. Of course, don't expect console-quality graphics or 3D renders, though. There is music playing in the background but you can disable it. After a while, I couldn't stand it anymore so I did.

In conclusion, this could be a fun game for people who like the genre. I personally don't think much of it, so I can't say whether this is a good or bad adventure game. Episode 1 is currently free, so you can download it and see if you like it. There are another 4 episodes available for download right now.

José Fernández
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  • Good graphics
  • A lot of items can be interacted with
  • Long story


  • The answers to the puzzles seem to be very unlikely, which makes you have to click everywhere to find them
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