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zsCompare, the award winning file comparison utility from Zizasoft, allows you to manually or automatically compare and synchronize files, folders, zip files, and jar files between local directories or networked computers. You can also compare the contents of text files line by line, and then merge the files to include only the changes you want. Also, you can compare text that has been input either by typing it in, or by copying from non-text files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF files. Finally, zsCompare includes the functionality found in zsDuplicateHunter which allows you to find and remove duplicate files from your computer.
Typical Business uses of zsCompare:
You can use zsCompare in many ways to simplify common business tasks. Our clients use zsCompare in the following ways:
Synchronizing computers to ensure that all team members are working with the same data. Synchronizing laptops and desktop computers, or home and work computers. Backing up computers and verifying backups are correct. Verifying a CD has been copied correctly. Managing Zip files including creating, updating, opening, and deleting Zip files. Comparing different versions of files that have been worked on by different people in your office, or that have been sent to clients for revision. Finding and Removing Duplicate Files that waste hard drive space and slow down your computer.
Typical Software Development uses of zsCompare:
If you are part of a software development team, zsCompare can be used for many tasks that are specific to software development.
Comparing file revisions during code check-in, code reviews, and when researching past changes. Managing Jar files including creating, updating, opening, and deleting Jar files. Verifying an installation has copied the correct files to the correct directories. Verifying the results of system or unit tests to ensure your application is functioning properly. If anything is wrong, you can use zsCompare to easily compare the expected and actual results. Comparing computers to help diagnose unexpected behavior that may be due to configuration errors. Three versions are available: Pro, Standard, and Lite.



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