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Get a magnified view upon a specific area of your screen.
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Zoom Me is an area augmentation tool that helps you get a magnified view upon specific elements displayed on your screen. This way, you have the ability to see the smallest details of a desktop area while the rest of the screen remains at its regular size.

The application installs conveniently in the menu bar of your Mac so you can have it always at hand when zooming is required. Enlarging the desktop area you want to inspect is done by enabling a magnifying glass that supports being dragged around the screen using the mouse. Leaving the mouse disables the magnifying glass. Therefore, you can't use the mouse for other computer activities and still have the pointed area magnified. Depending on your operating needs, this automatic deactivation of the magnifying glass can be considered either a drawback or an advantage. Other matters that will interest you about this app is that you are able to control the magnification level by increasing it up to 500% and choose the lens size by selecting a value that can range from 200 to 1200 pixels.

All these being said, Zoom Me is a handy magnifying tool that allows you to view the most subtle graphic elements of an inspected desktop area.

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  • Augmented view of a desktop area
  • Control of the magnification level
  • Can select the lens size


  • Leaving the mouse disables the magnifying glass



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