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Zombie Area is a very fast paced arcade game for the Mac.
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Zombie Area is a very fast paced arcade game for the Mac. As its name suggests, it features the most popular creature these days: Zombies. You control a man with a shotgun, who stands on one end of the screen and has to shoot down zombies that are coming towards him. The controls are very simple, you aim with the mouse and click with the left button to shoot. There are three different stages that you can play in. You have to kill a certain number of zombies to unlock the second and third stages.

In the first stage, you have a shotgun which has three shots. After your three shots are used, you have to reload your gun. This is done automatically for you when the ammo runs out. But you can do it manually by pressing the space bar or clicking on the character. When a zombie touches you, you lose a life. After all your lives are gone, you will lose. You can collect new lives by shooting power-ups that fly through the screen from time to time.

In short, this is a nice game. It is fast paced, the graphics are nice and it is easy to play. The zombies will never stop coming, so you can play this until you get really bored.

JF Senior editor
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