Zombie Pirate Robot Attack 1.0

Zombie Pirate Robot Attack is a fixed shooter defense game.
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Zombie Pirate Robot Attack is a fixed shooter defense game featuring the three eponymous varieties of villain. The player controls a Rambo-esque figure at the center of the screen, who has at his disposal up to 8 types of weaponry to strategically and rapidly dispose of encroaching enemy critters.

Each of the 13 levels has a certain combination of quadrants which are specific to each genre of enemy. Within each type of enemy there are a number of different types of units, with different speeds, health points, and abilities, requiring tactical use of limited-availability weaponry to dispatch them all before they reach you and drain your own health. There are 3 rounds per level; taking no damage on a round gets you a gold star, while simply surviving gets you a silver star and lets you play the next round. Every so often a flying vehicle with supplies and/or health appears, which must be shot down to access the resources it contains.

Sam's Protip: Pay close attention to the tips at the beginning of each level. Some enemies require certain kinds of weapons to be taken down efficiently.

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  • Easy to learn, difficult to master
  • Humorously over-the-top


  • Developers have made the current price ridiculously high to get attention
  • Mediocre audiovisuals



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