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This Mac application helps you share files with other users.
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ZeoSpace is an application for Mac that provides you with a quick and simple way to share files with other users. This program brings you a straightforward interface, allows you to upload files of various formats and sizes, and offers you 10GB of cloud storage.

The utility sits on your Menu Bar where you can drag-and-drop the documents you wish to share. ZeoSpace immediately gives you access to a download link for the uploaded data (the URL address is automatically copied to your Clipboard). Then, you can offer the URL to any user you wish to be able to download the uploaded content.

The best thing about working with this application is that you don't need to create a personal account to be able to share files. However, the shared link from a not-logged user is stored for 7 days. If you wish to extend the storing period, you need to create a personal ZeoSpace account.

You can upload up to 10GB of data on ZeoSpace Cloud and share it with other users from all over the world. The developers also offer you the possibility to increase your account storage space for a fee.

As a conclusion, I'd say it's definitely worth installing ZeoSpace on your Mac if you ever require to share large files with other users. The app is very simple to handle, immediately gets the job done, and comes without a price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • You can use the app even if you don't have a personal ZeoSpace account
  • Fast processing speed
  • Files are transfered via 256-bit SSL encryption


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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