Zen Puzzle Garden Demo 1.2

Fry your brain by trying to solve seemingly impossible puzzles.
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If you thought that you could never reach enlightenment by playing a computer game.. well... you're probably right. You can, however, fry your brain by trying to solve seemingly impossible puzzles that take place in a tranquil zen garden.

Use the cursor keys to move the monk around. When you step onto the sand, the monk will rake in a straight line until he either steps off the sand or bumps into something. The puzzle is completed when all of the sand has been raked, and the monk has stepped off the sand.

The monk can not walk over sand he has already raked, so be careful not to rake yourself into a corner! There is no time limit, and you can restart the puzzle or undo a move whenever you want, so don't be afraid to experiement with different raking patterns.

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