Yucatan 1.1

Remove tiles one at a time from ancient Mayan pyramids, and uncover the tombs within, in this incredible Mahjong game!
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Hephaestus Software

Yucatan is a strange variation of mahjong in which you need to remove color tiles from the board in order to uncover all the gray tomb chambers. However, the tiles must be removed following the order showed on a color wheel and they must have at least one free side. The tiles will be marked with special lines that will help you remove them, and those tiles that get trapped will crack. There are also a few rainbow tiles, and if you take them, then you can remove any color on the next move.

The game is challenging, so you will need to make your moves carefully, or you may have to start from scratch. As you progress, more colors will be added to the wheel, which makes the game even more challenging. If you make a mistake, you can Undo your last move, but that is all the help you can have. If you want to make the game even more challenging, you can disable the Mark Tile option. The game includes three types of boards and four tile sets to choose from. Unfortunately, the game offers very simple graphics and sounds, and no music.

In short, if you like mahjong and you are looking for a challenging variant to pass the time, you may be satisfied with Yucatan.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging


  • Only one mode
  • Poor graphics and simple sounds
  • No music
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