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YouTube Widget is an Adobe AIR app that puts YouTube on your desktop.
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YouTube Widget is an Adobe AIR app that puts YouTube on your desktop: it allows you to browse without a web browser. The main window consists of two panes. The one on the left is supposed to play your videos, whereas the one on the right lets you browse for content. By default, the app shows the top rated videos on YouTube, and you can narrow this down to the top videos of all time, today, this week and this month. There is search box that allows you to search for anything you want, and the results will be displayed on the right pane. These results are basically a snapshot of the video and the title below it. Although the titles aren't shown completely because of space constraints, you can mouse over them to read it. There is also support for favorites and you can browse any user's videos the same way you browse search results.

In my testing, I was able to browse the videos and search for new ones. But I wasn't able to play anything at all. The video player stayed black. I tried double clicking on videos, dragging them, restarting the app, but nothing worked.

José Fernández
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  • It lets you browse YouTube from the desktop


  • It isn't working
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