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YouTube Download 4.1

This utility enables you to download clips from YouTube.

As its name clearly says, this program was created to help you download clips from YouTube, a very popular video sharing website. The application lets you fetch multiple clips at the same time, preserves the quality of the videos, and converts them to formats that are compatible with various media devices and Mac utilities.

You can drag-and-drop YouTube URLs over the app's interface or click the Paste It From Clipboard button. Then, the utility analyzes the links and lets you choose the preferred output format and quality. The download speed depends on the strength of your Internet connection signal. So, the better the signal, the quicker you can watch the fetched clips.

In my testing, the program worked flawlessly. It immediately downloaded and converted the YouTube clips and used a very small amount of CPU resources.

An annoying aspect is that it displays ads on its main window. The only way to get rid of these advertisements is to acquire the Premium version of the app from its homepage. Another disadvantage is that it supports a limited amount of output formats: MP4, MP3, and WEBM.

However, the application is free of charge and provides you with quality output files. So, it's worth installing this program on your Mac if the aforementioned flaws don't mean much to you.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Intuitive interface
  • Can auto-paste URLs from your clipboard
  • Has an option to automatically include output files in a new iTunes playlist
  • Free


  • Displays annoying ads
  • Supports only 3 output formats (WEBM, MP4, and MP3)
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