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Yoono Desktop 3.1

This app helps you monitor your social networking accounts.
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Yoono Desktop is a desktop application that offers you a single interface to use all your social networking accounts in one place, so that you monitor account updates, notifications, and friend requests from a single program window and without using your default browser app.

The utility allows you to connect to personal accounts created on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networking websites. After you log in to the accounts you wish to monitor, the app lets you choose the type of information (updates, notifications, IMs lists, etc.) to be displayed in columns, one for the each of the joined social networks.

Unlike other apps of its kind, Yoono Desktop doesn't need you to use your default browser to authorize this program to activate your social networking accounts. What's more, the utility records account credentials, hence, you don't need to retype them when you re-open the app.

Another advantage is that it constantly notifies you whenever a user sends you a friend request, comments on one of your posts, etc.

In conclusion, Yoono Desktop proves to be a reliable solution for monitoring social networking activity.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Lets you connect to various social networking accounts
  • Records entered account credentials


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