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YemuZip is a utility that lets you create ZIP archives on your Mac.
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YemuZip is a utility that lets you create ZIP archives on your Mac. As you may know, there is a built-in compression tool on your Mac that lets you create ZIP files, but it is not the best program for this activity. YemuZip does a great job at making ZIP archives and it has a few interesting features to offer. Perhaps, the greatest one is its ability to switch the type of encoding used. By default, the ZIP files created by this application will be optimized for PC users. This means that all the metadata usually kept in ZIP files by the system's compression tool will be stripped out. You can choose to create a user-friendly version of the ZIP file, as well. Regardless of whether you choose PC or Mac for the version of the file, the file will work on both platforms.

YemuZip works as a drop zone. You simply need to drop the file that you want to compress and, beforehand, select the destination for your archive, then the application will do the rest for you. You can also set the app to reveal a file on Finder after it has been compressed and to quit it after the app is done with compressing a file.

Unfortunately, YemuZip is not able to encrypt files in any way, and that is a very important feature for some users.

José Fernández
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  • It lets you choose archive formatting for Windows or Mac
  • Drop zone


  • No encryption
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