yelloGUI 3.0

Free Permits some yellobriks to be configured over USB using a Mac computer.
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yelloGUI is a complementary software application for yellobriks that permits some yellobriks to be configured over USB using a Mac computer. With the yelloGUI, you have access to a host of advanced settings and adjustments of the individual yellobrik modules. Typically, yellobriks are configured via the integrated module rotary switches, dip switches and indicators. With the yelloGUI, you have an enhanced level of yellobrik configuration for advanced features and settings.

The yelloGUI user interface, like the yellobrik modules, is designed to be simple and intuitive. Once the module is connected, a virtual image of the module is displayed showing the user all switches, controls and module indicators. yelloGUI also displays status information such as the detected video format, HDMI output resolution and frequency, as well audio signals. Module settings can be changed with the click of a mouse. The internal signal flow inside the yellobrik is graphically displayed and dynamically changes when a setting is changed.

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