Yardstick Plus

Yardstick Plus 1.2

A simple utility that helps you measure anything that shows up on your screen.
1.2 (See all)
Stefan Sachs

Yardstick is a small utility that helps you to measure anything you can display on your screen. You draw a line or a polygon across the document to measure and Yardstick tells you the overall length and the area enclosed by the polygon.

Starting Yardstick will create a transparent layer over your entire screen, where you can draw lines or polygons. A small panel shows you the length of the aggregated polygon segments, the area enclosed by the polygon and the angle of the last line segment.

Yardstick Plus got some enhancements over Yardstick: The zoom area supports exact positioning of the polygon segments, the units editor allows the user to define his own units, and more.

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