YAP 1.6

It is a cross-platform Teleprompter program for the video production industry.
1.6.2 (See all)
Stretched Out Software

Introducing YAP! We teamed up with PRC Digital Media to create a completely new, easy to use, cross-platform Teleprompter program for the video production industry.

This dual-monitor solution makes serving text a snap with features such as:

Font Selection - Show your text in any font available on your computer
Variable Font Size - Text can be displayed at standard sizes between 18 to 144 points
Editable Margins - Adjust the left & right display margins
Editable Colors - Change the text and background colors to best suit the speaker
Text Flipping - Flip output text horizontally and/or vertically
Scrub Bar - A horizontal scrub bar to move quickly through your copy
Text Editing - A built-in text editor allows you to make and save changes directly in the program
Unlimited Script Length - Scripts can now be any length, Limited only by the memory of your computer!
Unified interface - Mac version looks/behaves just like the Windows version... no learning curve if you need to switch!

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