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Excluded keywords, switching accounts and downloading specific campaigns.
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Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop Launches Excluded Keywords Feature
Excluded keywords, switching accounts and downloading specific campaigns
The latest version of Yahoo! Search Marketing Desktop launched recently. You provided us with feedback during our Beta and in webinar surveys. Our product folks listened, and they thought that these new features might assist you in your attempt to be efficient as well as productive:
Select Excluded Keywords. Let’s say you’re selling plasma televisions at your electronics store. You may not want your ads to show when searchers enter “astrophysical plasma” or “blood plasma”. Selecting these terms as excluded keywords from the new Excluded Keywords tab in Search Marketing Desktop’s data grid can prevent your ads from displaying for these terms.
Switch between Accounts. Do you manage more than one account? Now, you can switch between those accounts by clicking on Get Account, and then selecting the Switch button.
Download Specific Campaigns. It is no longer necessary to download all of your account’s campaigns when you only want to make changes to one or two campaigns. Campaigns that you have not downloaded are displayed in the Get Account/Campaigns popup window with a blue icon.

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