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Improve personal typing skills by performing exercises.
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Train and increase your typing speed and accuracy. Select a set of scenarios for different aspects of keyboard use such as speed typing or key remembrance. Check the difficulty levels of specific exercises according to universal classification. The program works with standard QWERTY layouts.

Get the typing tutor that’s as entertainingly addictive as it is effective! Download XType – the most advanced typing tutorial solution available for Mac laptops & desktops – and become a keyboarding whiz quickly and practically today!
Offering both English and Arabic language typing options, XType includes fifteen sequentially more difficult lessons. These learning modules are structured to keep users challenged and engaged as the move through the course and begin typing more and more efficiently.
"XType is the best typing tutor we ever [tried]…I bought one copy of your software, then I went again to the market and bought 30 copies [to] gift it to my offices.”
• General from UAE Armed Forces
Each of the app’s levels are comprised of an array of diverse exercises, with some focused on teaching users correct on-keyboard finger positions, others focused on pushing students to type at higher speeds, and more. Meanwhile level 15 is structured as a final exam, requiring students to demonstrate an adequate level of typing skills before they are allowed to finish the program.
This educational typing tool inspires students to succeed, and gives them the tools to help them how do so. To keep users interested and engrossed in the learning process XType utilizes dynamic, bright, multi-color visual aides to explain the intricacies of typing to users,
To keep students on track the app gives users the tools to maintain a record of their progress throughout the course. Once users have completed XType’s English or Arabic language typing courses they’ll be able to print out a certificate of complete as a token of their success.
XType was designed specifically to turn novice users into expert typers as quickly as possible. The app emphasizes a daily practice routine, utilizes engaging exercises created to be both addicting and firmly goal oriented, and ultimately proves flexible enough to be useful to almost anyone.
XType is the perfect typing professor for anyone working with an Apple laptop or desktop today!
• English and Arabic exercise language keyboard options.
• Supports both complete-English and complete-Arabic user interfaces – (Including all menus, windows, controls and text within the application).
• Utilizes professional quality, vibrantly multi-colored visual learning aides.
• 15 full typing lessons comprised of multiple exercises, in-depth explanations, and more.
• Final “Test” level ensures users must illustrate an adequate degree of typing mastering in order to complete the XType program.
• Typing lessons ordered by degree of difficulty.
• Includes multiple exercise formats, with each exercise focused on a unique educational emphasis.
• Personal progress monitoring options allow users to keep complete track of their typing education.
• Users are awarded with a beautifully rendered Certificate of Program Completion after finishing any one of the XType lesson plans.
• English and Arabic language keyboard program Certificates are offered.
• Real beautiful sound effect.

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