XTMs 2.3

Manages and integrates Xtremsplit files.
2.3 (See all)
Gain access to the Xtremsplit files and modify them or assign functions, transfer the data to a different location, etc. The program works with XTM and EXE extensions and displays current file processing tasks and the process of their completion on dedicated bars.

XTMs lets you join Xtremsplit files with extension .xtm and .exe
You can check the integrity of your files using MD5.
All necessary informations during the progress of the task are displayed:
- Progress bar of the current file.
- Progress bar of complete task.
- Percentage.
- Time Remaining. You can:
- Join/Cut to/from an external drive.
- Pause the task.
- Automatically manage the task at opening of the file.
- Drag & Drop.

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