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Free Select similar items in a Finder window. by using this simple application.
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Select similar items in a Finder window.
Ever wanted to quickly select all similar types of items among a bunch of others in a Finder window?
I often find myself having to select, for instance, all the jpg images among docs, movies and folders etc.
I don't want to change the view, sort by type, and then manually select all the jpg images, that's so 90's!
Instead, try this little app.
Put this app in the Finder window's toolbar, in the Dock or bind it to a key-combination for easy access.

A Finder window must be open and active.
If not a message "Please activate a finder window and try again!" will be said with your speech system voice.
The similar selection is based on what kind of items are selected, and not their extension.
I.e. image1.jpg and image2.JPG will both be selected because they are of similar kind.
Many different kinds of items can be selected at once.
If the initial selection is text.txt, image.jpg and myfolder, then all the txt, jpg and folder items will be selected.

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