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xPoint (was GeoLead) lets you manage your prospects, customers, suppliers, your apartments or events on a map.
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xPoint is a places management utility for Mac. It allows you to store all your favorite places within a single application. The app is somewhat integrated with Google Maps, so you can locate yourself and your favorite places on their maps. All your places will be listed on the left part of the screen, and icons will be put on the map so that you can locate them easily. When you click on a place on the list, you will be shown its location on the map.

One of the good things about this app is that it lets you customize each place to your liking. One of the ways you can customize your places is by adding information about them. By default, you will only be able to include the name, coordinates or address of a place, but you can use new fields to add more information. You can even choose what type of field you want to utilize. Some of the options are text, checkbox, radio buttons, and menu. You can also customize the icon that you want to use for each place on your list. The app comes with a nice variety but you can add your own.

When you are adding a new place, you can do so by inputting its coordinates, address or by dragging and dropping a marker (icon) on the map.

José Fernández
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  • Great design
  • Google Maps support


  • No support for directions or any of the other features offered by Google Maps
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