Xpage Internet Studio 6 Professional

Xpage Internet Studio 6 Professional 6.7

Xpage Internet Studio 6 is the most convenient design and creation software

Xpage Internet Studio 6 optimizes your pages to work with all of the major browsers; thus ensuring that your homepage, when it goes 'live' on the Internet, will look exactly 1:1 like your design. The text properties in Xpage Internet Studio 6 make every webdesigner’s heart beat faster. In Xpage, text is displayed in the form of text containers. Every text container can be freely positioned on the page and can be individually sized (made larger). As with a word processing application, you can individually select the font type, size and color.
- Global link-styles
- Globle background-styles (based on CSS)
- Automatic image compression
- Transparency JPG images
- Automatic image size check

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