Xcatalog for QuarkXPress

Xcatalog for QuarkXPress 3.15

Create links between your Quark docs & database.
3.15 (See all)

Xcatalog is a bi-directional data linking tool that creates transparent links between your documents and databases. Once links are established, it can update any type of published data almost instantly. Use Xcatalog to update product graphics, prices, descriptions, language localizations - anything in your document. With bi-directional links, you never have to enter or update your data in two places (documents and database) - you simply update one or the other from the most current version.
Linked elements can be moved between documents and libraries freely without loss of linkage. And links don't affect layout or typography. InCatalog Pro is the ODBC-capable version of InCatalog and can update documents directly from any ODBC-accessible database (Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access, etc.).
What's new in this version:
Fixes a problem introduced in the 3.7 release where updating a picture box with an empty path would leave the current picture instead of removing it.

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