XAirport 3.3

Enable and configure online radio for X-Plane.
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Check out an assistant utility for managing radio frequencies and signals for the popular flight simulator “X-Plane”. Access a database of all 33,000 airports contained in the simulation, then et COM and NAV radio frequencies corresponding to the locations.

XAirport is a utility that allows the user to easily set COM and NAV radio frequencies and autopilot parameters while flying with the popular flight simulator "X-Plane".
The app comes with a database of all 33.000 airports contained in X-Plane together with the associated ATC, ILS and VOR frequencies. The App allows the user to set the radio frequencies in X-Plane with a single mouse click. This avoids pausing the sim to look up, memorize, and enter frequency data, or fiddle with virtual knobs to set the Autopilot.
The app can also display, save to disk and print PDF airport charts (SID/STAR) from publicly available sources.
*** Important ***
1) A copy of X-Plane running on a Mac is required in order to use the frequency setting feature.
2) Airport PDF charts are not part of this App. We just provide a front-end to publicly available data.
-Database containing all 33.000 airports available in X-Plane
-Set COM/NAV radio frequencies with a double-click and sent them to X-Plane, without the need to look up or memorize numbers, or pause the sim
-Display, print and save airport charts
-Save airports as favorites
-sort airports by distance
-quickly set Auto-Pilot parameters and the Transponder
-X-Plane 9.70
-X-Plane 10

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