XAddonManager 2.0

A utility to manage Addons for the X-Plane Flight Simulator.

The X-Plane Flight Simulator supports three main types of addons developed by users: Custom Scenery, Aircraft and Plugins. This application is designed for both regular X-Plane flight simmers to manage their Addons and for developers to easily enable and disable Addons while testing.

The program displays all your Custom Scenery Packages, Plugins and Aircraft, as well as your CSLs for flying online.

Custom Scenery Packages are plotted on a world map for quick reference, you can click on the map to find the closest installed scenery package to where you clicked. The program tells you whether each package contains a library, Earth scenery, Mars scenery and airports.

Plugins are simply listed, allowing easy enabling and disabling

Aircraft are listed and the program tells you whether each has a 3d cockpit, airfoils, sounds, weapons, plugins and whether the aircraft is Goodway enabled. If an aircraft has an icon, this is also displayed.

CSLs are simply listed, allowing easy enabling and disabling

The program allows very easy installation of all types of addon - just download the zip file containing the Scenery Package, Plugin, Aircraft or CSL, click 'Install...' and choose the zip file. XAddonManager does the rest.

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