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Worms Tower is a very addicting arcade game for the Mac
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Aleksander Polanowski
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Worms Tower is a very addicting arcade game for the Mac. In this game, your only goal is to pile up as many boxes as you can. A worm is on top of a red platform and it holds a box on top of its head. Other boxes will move from left to right over this starting pile, and you have to click to let the boxes fall. You have to click with your mouse at the exact moment so that the box falls on top of other boxes. You want them to on the center of the previous box, because if the a box falls, you will lose. If you don't hit the exact center of the previous box, but the box stays in place, you can keep on piling them up, but if you do this many times, the falls will start becoming unbalanced and they will all fall to the ground. This sounds way easier than it actually is.

You get one point for every box that you successfully pile up. After 10 or so boxes, you will get two points for each box, and so on. I tried hard and could only score 13 boxes. There is a counter that counts down from 60 seconds, so I assume that the goal of the game is actually to score as many points as you can in one minute.

In conclusion, Worms Tower is a very addicting and challenging game. It is only $0.99 and it can provide for hours of entertainment, especially if played competitively against other people.

JF Senior editor
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