World View Live Wallpaper 1.0

Experience the world from your wallpaper, updated every minute.
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Experience the world from your wallpaper, updated every minute.
The World View Wallpaper is a new kind of live wallpaper for Mac that uses gallery-quality, Retina HD photography to transport you to locations around the world. From Jerusalem to the Teton mountains, the World View Wallpaper includes UNLIMITED ACCESS to all present and future locations!
Never settle for a boring, static wallpaper again. The World View Wallpaper changes your desktop background once every minute. You can set the app to use your local time - or, use it as a world clock and display images based on the location's time zone. Are people awake in London? Find out by looking at your wallpaper!
The World View Wallpaper app lives in your taskbar. To change which location is displayed, simply click the taskbar icon. Location images are downloaded slowly in the background, and only one location (~500mb) is cached at any time. We've optimized our code to have minimal effect on performance and battery life, so enjoy your world wallpapers without worry!



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