Work Time Monitor - Easy Tray Timer

Work Time Monitor - Easy Tray Timer 2.1

A tool for counting down the time you spend working on your tasks.

Work Time Monitor - Easy Tray Timer is a program that comes in handy to people who need to keep track of the amount of time they spend working on their assignments. The application lives on your Menu Bar from where you can change the way it operates.

You won't need much computer experience in order to handle this utility. Just click over its status bar icon and start the timer. You can attach notes to the current timer entry, pause and resume count whenever you like, and delete the items you no longer need.

Furthermore, the application provides you with various hints that teach you how to easily handle its features. Plus, you can organize the stored timer items into categories. For instance, you can have categories for personal-related and work timers. The app also displays annoying ads when you shut it down.

Still, this program isn't the best time counting tool. Even though on its homepage it says the app is free, you need to make some in-app purchases to get rid of certain limitations.

Another disadvantage is the fact that you cannot export or share the stored information. Hence, you cannot share the timer details with your clients or co-workers.

In my opinion, you can find better solutions for counting time on your Mac. This app lacks many useful features and isn't completely free like it's mentioned on its homepage.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Lets you organize time entries into categories
  • Provides you with useful hints
  • Uses minimum CPU resources while counting time


  • You need to make in-app purchases in order to unlock all features
  • Unable to export stored data
  • Displays ads when shutting down the app
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