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Word Realms is a role-playing video game for Mac PCs.
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Word Realms is an entertaining role-playing game for Mac where your goal is to defeat your enemies by making words out of scrambled letters. The app brings you a captivating storyline, provides you with a wide range of challenges, and offers you plenty of power-ups to use on your quests.

After you create a new player profile and customize the appearance of your character, you can start completing challenges. I like the fact that the application provides you with a comprehensive help guide where you can learn how to defeat your enemies, upgrade your character, use power-ups, and much more.

Similar to other RPGs (role-playing games), this app allows you to customize your character's gear according to your needs. You can opt for weapons, accessories, and potions earned from the battles you've won.

The more missions you finish, the harder it gets to complete levels and the more power-ups and coins you gain. The game progress is automatically saved, hence you can stop and resume the gameplay whenever you like.

To conclude, this app is a fun word game that can keep you in front of your computer for hours with its addictive gameplay. Word Realms lets you configure the sound and display options to match your needs, provides you with unlimited gameplay, and comes with a fair price.

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  • Nice graphics and captivating storyline
  • Brings detailed gameplay instructions
  • Gives you access to various power-ups
  • Provides you with numerous challenges
  • Comes with endless gameplay mode once you complete all of your challenges


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages

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