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Wizorb is a Breakout-like game with special abilities and retro audiovisuals.
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Wizorb is a Breakout-like game with special abilities and audiovisuals inspired by Zelda and other classics of the retro era. In addition to the block-bashing action, there is an RPG element to the game, where the player can purchase items at shops and interact with townsfolk in a village decimated by monsters.

Just as in the original Breakout, the game can get a bit dull when you're chipping away at big chunks of blocks or trying over and over to get one block in a particularly inconvenient place. Your magical abilities of tile destruction and ball control can help, but once your magic meter runs dry you're stuck bouncing the ball around, waiting for the meter to slowly recharge (if the ball isn't doing any damage). In an effort to counter this effect, the ball is constantly accelerating, putting on pressure to finish the level quickly.

There is plenty that makes this game fun to play. Boss fights of increasing difficulty require strategy to overcome. Bonus rooms provide a pinball-like incentive to get the ball to certain parts of the arena. And a mysterious crown awaits those who amass the 10,000 coins required to purchase it. But it's still basically Breakout, so if you don't like Breakout, you probably won't like Wizorb.

Sam's Protip: Think it's the end when you see a level designed like the words "The End"? Maybe it was at one point in this indie game's development, but in the complete version you've still a long way to go from there.

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Sam Lloyd
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  • Classic Breakout gameplay enhanced with power-ups, special abilities, and moving enemies
  • Entertaining characters
  • Still much to discover after completing the game once


  • Disjointed storyline
  • Gameplay can be tedious at times
  • Fast balls tend to be destroyed unexpectedly for no good reason


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