Witches' Legacy: Slumbering Darkness 2.0

Witches' Legacy: Slumbering Darkness is a puzzle game for Mac.
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Witches' Legacy: Slumbering Darkness is a thrilling puzzle game that brings you a fascinating plot and plenty of challenges. Your journey begins at a carnival, where you, playing as a good witch Lynn, and your husband Edward, are enjoying a delightful night out. Everything changes within moments when an evil sorcerer abducts the couple.

After creating your profile where you just need to enter a name, you can select the preferred difficulty level (Casual, Normal or Hard). The app also allows you to customize your own difficulty level settings by enabling or disabling sparkles on HOG scenes, choosing the hint recharge time, etc. You can change the difficulty level whenever you like.

Your objective is to find them and figure out the sorcerer's plans. On your adventure you will be accompanied by an impish sidekick who will come in handy while exploring locations.

You will check various scenes from where you can collect useful tools or clues, solve hidden object games, and interact with other characters. In addition, you can use the Hints option whenever you're not sure how to proceed with your investigation.

All in all, Witches' Legacy: Slumbering Darkness is a fun and addictive puzzle game. The app features nicely-drawn artworks and cinematics, offers you many puzzles, and comes with an affordable price.

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  • Nicely-drawn artworks and cinematics
  • Brings you dozens of challenges
  • Fascinating plot
  • Offers you hints
  • Allows you to choose between difficulty levels
  • You can change difficulty level at any time


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages



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