WireHose Server 3.0

Deploy web apps that categorize, index, or deliver media.
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If you use WebObjects to develop web applications, you know just how powerful it is. You can build whatever you need. But sometimes, that's the trouble. WebObjects developers reinvent the wheel every day, solving problems that have already been solved. Writing code to handle content management and personalization. Access control and keyword searching. Knowledge management and portals. Cookies and bookmarkable URLs.
Introducing WireHose Server 3.0, software that takes WebObjects to the next level. We took advantage of all the power offered by WebObjects and the Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF), and created something truly remarkable. A new platform for building web applications that can personalize access to any kind of enterprise object. A next-generation portal and smart metadata API that's light years ahead of anything offered by Sun, IBM or BEA.
WireHose gives you the tools you need to build the applications your users are asking for -- faster, better and cheaper. And with our new step-by-step WireHose Developers Guide, templates and sample code, you'll get up and running even faster than ever.



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