WinZip Mac

WinZip Mac 1.5

WinZip Mac is a compression and decompression tool.

WinZip Mac is a compression and decompression tool. Windows users will surely know what WinZip does and how it works. It was one of the leading ZIP compression and decompression tools for ages. Now, WinZip comes to the Mac trying to regain some of that popularity. This app has all the features that are needed to make a great compression tool. It can create ZIP files and decompress ZIP, RAR, and many other major formats. It comes with secure encryption and support for e-mailing files straight from the application. There is also a built-in DVD burner, for when you want to put your ZIP files on optical media. You can also access Quick Look from within the app, which lets you preview files without decompressing them.

I really like WinZip for Mac. It is a vey well-made application. It is really powerful and easy to use. It just doesn't do things the way I am used right now. When I made the switch from Windows, I realized how great were apps that could simply decompress a file without showing me what's inside. It is a faster process and very user-friendly. There are times when I want to look at what is inside an archive, and that is when WinZip Mac could come in handy. But for the rest of the times I just need to decompress a file, I think I will stick with The Unarchiver.

I like that you can simply add files to a ZIP archive by dragging them onto the WinZip Mac Dock icon. That makes for super easy compression of files.

José Fernández
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  • Strong encryption
  • Nice interface
  • Fast


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