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An application that allows you to run Windows programs on your Mac.
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WineBottler is an operating system enhancement that will allow you to run Windows applications on your Mac. As we all know, different operating systems have different requirements, therefore, support for certain applications might be limited. WineBottler, previously known as "Darwine", will allow you to install and manage the predefined prefixes of various applications. The prefixes of applications are known as virtual 'machines' or 'systems' that contain the configuration files for that program. The predefined prefixes of a program are those files that have been configured for best compatibility or in simple terms "bug free" (no troubleshooting is required).

It needs to be mentioned that WineBottler allows you to install and run on your Mac system only a quite small number of Windows programs. Some of them are: IrfanView, Total Commander, Internet Explorer, etc. For extended functionality, users need to use "Create Custom Prefixes" feature in order to 'bottle' other applications, as well.

Simply select the desired Windows application and WineBottler will automatically transform it (wrap it) in an OS X compatible one.

WineBottler is especially useful to former Windows users that still want to run Windows applications under OS X. Yet, the list of prefixes included in this application is quite small, therefore, some users will consider this a limitation.

Mario Procione
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  • Compact interface
  • Offered for free
  • Application prefix converter


  • There are still many Windows programs that can't be "wrapped"
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