Window Tidy

Window Tidy 1.2

Window Tidy is a great utility that lets you re-arrange your windows.

Window Tidy is a great utility that lets you re-arrange your windows. With this app, you can create custom layouts. These layouts are ways in which active window will be resized or re-arranged. By default there are four layouts available. You will see them when you start dragging a window. If you drag a window to one of the layouts (the layout will turn green when you are doing it right), the layout will be applied. The default layouts re-arrange the window to fill the entire screen, half of the screen on the left, half of the screen on the right, or centered in the middle of the screen.

Window Tidy can do much more than that, though. I like that it lets you apply a layout by either dragging the window or by calling the feature with a hotkey. You can assign a hotkey to each of your active layouts.

There are some limitations to what Window Tidy can do. For example, there are windows that have minimum and maximum size values, and Window Tidy will not be able to resize those. You will see an error message when something like that happens.

In conclusion, Window Tidy is quite a great tool if you want to tame your wild windows. The app worked like a charm when I tested it and it was very easy to configure.

José Fernández
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