Win32 DLL Barcode Code EAN / ISBN 1.02

Create EAN 8/13 and ISBN 10/13 barcodes and generate checksum automatically.
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300 KB
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Mac Dynamic Library creates barcode Code EAN 8 / 13 and ISBN 10 / 13. Small footprint, only 60 kB, only a single file. Automatic symbology selection, automatic checksum generation. Universal Binary. Supports EAN 8 / 13, ISBN 10 / 13 with ISBN text and pricing info above th code. Can be used from Objective-C (Cocoa) or from standard C. Automatic checksum calculation. Automatic code discrimination based on data to encode.
Highly customizable with user definable properties for module width, height. Special safe mode flag guarantees standards compliant EAN / ISBN codes. Easy to use, create and display a barcode with only three lines of code. Sample projects in C and Objective-C. Control-internal bitpattern routines are accessible from the client for owner drawn barcodes. Universal Binary.



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