WikiFolders 1.2

WikiFolders lets you see your files and the annotations with descriptions.
1.2 (See all)
University of Calgary/ GroupLab

The Mac OS X Finder gives you lots of ways to organize and view your files—by icon, by list, and using the new Cover Flow technology in Leopard—but very few options if you want to describe what the files in a folder mean to you and how they relate to one another.

Wouldn’t it be useful if Finder included a view that worked like a web page, allowing you to add text and pictures to help you remember what a group of files is about? What if you could create groupings for files that you created at different stages of a project and leave yourself notes about each cluster, such as the date you submitted the files for review and the goals you were trying to accomplish in each stage? WikiFolders gives you this kind of power and flexibility, letting you see your files and the annotations describing those files side-by-side, right in the Finder.

WikiFolders allows you to add rich-text annotations to any of your folders with the same, familiar markup used by web-based wikis. You can group your files together, create headings, format your text, and include inline images. You can even use standard HTML formatting to create more exotic formatting like boxes and multi-column layouts.

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