WiFiSpoof 3.0

A utility for immediately changing your MAC address.
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Unlike other network-related information that's being stored on your computer, MAC addresses aren't encrypted while you browse. This vulnerability can play a significant part if someone is trying to access your data without your permission.

One solution comes from the WifiSpoof application, a program that can change your MAC address within moments and prevent undesirable tracking. This tool especially comes in handy to people who connect to Wi-Fi networks from cafes or other public spaces.

You can configure the app to generate a random MAC address or certain vendor addresses, define a global hotkey that immediately reveals its main window, etc. The utility also provides you with an option to add a main menu in your status bar. This panel would give you access to information regarding nearby networks.

The only annoying aspect about this program is the fact that you need to install an additional tool (a helper utility) in order to enable some advanced features and have the ability to change your MAC address.

Other than that, not much more can be said about this application. It works much better than other similar programs I tested on my Mac, is very simple to configure, and comes with a fair price.

Hence, I'd say it's worth buying this app for your Mac if you care about your privacy and wish to easily prevent network tracking issues.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Lets you define global hotkeys
  • Fast processing speed
  • Has a small menu in your status bar
  • Displays notifications when the MAC address is changed


  • You need to install an additional tool for the app to change the MAC address
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