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What is that MA is a very simple educational game for kids
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What is that MA is a very simple educational game for kids. It can help small kids to learn the names of the animals and how to spell them. It is basically a guessing game. When you start playing the game, you will see a word at the center of the screen, and six icons around it. Each icon displays a drawing of an animal. To pass each screen, the kid has to guess which drawing corresponds to the word on the screen. If the answer is wrong, a sound will be played. But if you get the correct answer, you will hear a boy saying "Yes!" and some clapping in the background. A different word will be placed on the screen as well. The game lets you play ten rounds at a time. When you complete all of the rounds, you will see a gold medal that says "first" on it and you will be sent back to the main menu, from where you can start the game from scratch. There are over 15 different animals for kids to guess. Some of them are basic, like cats, dogs and elephants, but there are others more difficult, like owl, ladybug and penguin.

What is that MA is a really basic application. There are no options to change and no difficulty settings to tweak. Kids can just launch the app and start playing instantly, which is great. The app can be run on full-screen mode, but hitting the "Escape" key will force the app into windowed mode.

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  • Full-screen mode
  • Cute drawings


  • No settings at all



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