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What is it MA is an educational game for little kids.
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What is it MA is an educational game for little kids. The game is quite simple. An image will appear on the left side of the screen, blocked by a large image that has an "M" on it. On the right part of the screen, there will be four words. The user has to guess what the image is by clicking on the right option on the right. The blocked image will slowly become visible because the image that blocks it starts becoming transparent and moving out of the way. So when user can see the image, he can make a better guess of what the correct answer is. The hints that you get are drawings and not real images. In some cases, it is hard even for adults to make out what a drawing is supposed to be. All of the questions that I saw were about animals, and the possible answers were repeated in many questions, which tells me that there isn't a great variety of drawings. When the user clicks on a correct answer, a kid's voice will be played, which says "Yes!".

In short, I guess What is it MA is a good app for really small kids to learn the names of a few animals. The drawings are not great, and the graphical user interface leaves a bit to be desired, but the app is free, so one can't really complain much.

José Fernández
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  • Free
  • Good for kids to learn basic animals


  • Not the best design
  • Not the best hints
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